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A grungy screen capture of Dr. Dealgood from a famous scene in Beyond Thunderdome.

Welcome to Cracked Ego!!

Black and white portrait of Cracked Ego owner, Rob Green, overlaid with an illustration reading, "Hi There!"Message from the owner that reads: "I started Cracked Ego in 2022 to create more opportunities to design funny and weird shirt and produce that shit in a way that wasn't shit. Thank you for collaborating and keeping that pursuit going strong. Cheers, Rob Green."
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Some silly things...

A stylized face giving an impish grin.An animated bomb stopping seconds before explosion.A cute sun illustration with the text "it will be okay"A cute character with a hole in it's chest watches as a foot stomps its heart. The text "at least they left me a soul to sell" appears near the character.A colorful illustration of a drunk creature. The words "Magic Time!" appear under the character. A cropped illustration of a bearded figure laying it's eyes closed. "uncut gems is a horror film" appears near the character.A large grid of dots very similar in appearance. The text "important things" and "silly things" appear at the bottom. Animated illustrated close-up of a stylized digital watch face with the blinking text "wash your feet"A weird animated figure stands with its arms by its side, blinking at intervals.A pair of red high-top sneakers with a bit of slime hanging off the sole. The text "New Kicks, Same Life" appears in the top-left.A cute figure with the text "10% less dead inside than yesterday" appears hand-drawn below the figure.A mosquito flies through the air while thinking "will they think of me after the itching ends?" a large stylized face fills a square blockanimated illustration of a running figure with the words "let's go" appearing in a text bubble. A small cat clings for life to the running figure.
An illustration by Cracked Ego featuring a hand-drawn shadow creature appearing inside a comic book panel and the word "greetings" underneathSay Hello