Sustainable Paper Options for Your Next Screen Printing Project

illustrated leaf printed on paper

Commercial screen printing isn't at the top of people's minds when green industries are discussed. So when we began Cracked Ego, one of the first thoughts in our minds was creating a chill, simple shop that crafted expertly printed products in a sustainable way.

Printing on paper is potentially problematic if a shop is looking to hit sustainability goals. A decision had to be made to work with a manufacturer who, not only created amazing paper lines, but aligned with our ecological goals as well. French Paper Co. checked all of our boxes!

By offering products created from post-consumer recycled materials, recycled materials, and hemp, French Paper has allowed us to offer awesome opportunities to our clients that they can feel proud investing in.

Below are some links to the various products you can order separated by the materials used:

- Recycled:

- Post-Consumer Recycled (PCW):


- Hemp:

If you need any help selecting the product that will work for your next screen printed project, don't hesitate to reach out:


Call or text: 512-866-0291

Reach out today for a quote tomorrow:

Thank you for reading. Until next time, have a great one!

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