How to Choose the Best Weight for Your Next Paper Screen Printing Project

If you are planning to use paper for your next screen printing project, then you need to know how to choose the best paper weight for the job.

Below, we have provided a basic primer on weights and when to use them. Enjoy!

What is Paper Weight?

Basically, paper weight is the thickness of the paper. Usually you will see weights measured in Grams per Square Meter (GSM). However, our provider uses Lbs on their site, so that is what we will be detailing here.

Weights are teamed up with different grades to complete, or complicate🙃, things. Text and Cover are the two terms you will see most.

In most cases, you will want to stick with the Cover grade for screen printing.

How About Some Examples?

The main factor in most print jobs will be the amount of colors you plan to use. More colors = the need for a thicker paper.

  • If you want a project that is two colors or less with light ink coverage, then you could use a paper that is around 80lb Cover.

  • For a project that is three colors or more with heavy ink coverage, you will need a paper that is 100lb Cover or higher.

Most shops prefer working with 100lb paper as their base option. This is something to consider when you begin budgeting for your project.

Anything else?

That's about all you need to know to get started!

If you just can't get enough talk of papers and the weights that drive them, hop on over to French Paper's detailed rundown.

We hope this quick guide will help get your order on the right path and get your awesome art out to the world!

Where do you go from here?

Maybe you're ready to place an order. Maybe you have more questions about your blank options. Maybe you don't understand everything going on in the last episode of The Rings of Power. Whatever your current status, we're here for you!

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Thank you for reading!

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