Adventures in Screen Printing | The Handprinted Apron Makes the Print Shop

Hello one and all!

Welcome to Cracked Ego. We are a boutique screen printing and illustration shop based in Austin, Texas.

The shop apron is the cornerstone of any print workshop. It acts as a friend and confidant. Up to this point, Cracked Ego has been lacking the one key element to set everything in motion. Today that changes!

Follow along as we work through a super chill screen printing project. Watch as the design comes together in Illustrator. Then we move to screen creation and rinsing. Finally, the two-color print is placed in its forever home and made ready for showtime.

Want to get started on a screen printing order? Paper or apparel. Killer artwork or no idea yet? We can help from start to finish. Reach out for a quote today!

Thank you for watching!

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