Adventures in Screen Printing | Ternes and Burton Registration on a Multi-Color Screen Print

Hello one and all! Welcome to Cracked Ego. We are a boutique screen printing and illustration shop based in Austin, Texas.

A few weeks ago we attempted a multi-color screen print. While it wasn't a complete failure, it wasn't good enough.

After recalling a workshop at Baltimore Print Studios (, we came across Ternes and Burton Co. ( They sell hand-made pins and tabs for just this sort of problem.

Follow along as we work through using the pin registration system and work toward a completed print. Ink will be mixed, emulsion will be tested, and our patience will be pushed to its limits. What could be more fun?

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Big thanks to the creators of the following videos, as they were extremely helpful in closing the knowledge gap for this project:

- Registration using Ternes Burton pins and tabs Part

- Using Ternes Burton Registration Pins For Relief Printing -

- How to SCREENPRINT Your Art | my silkscreen print process -

Thank you for watching!

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