We have extensive experience creating artwork for apparel and merch. If you need a design, we can help!

If, however, you have artwork, please consider the following to avoid unnecessary artwork fees and delays:

- Create artwork at final print size with colors on separate layers. .AI or .EPS is preferred. .PNG, .PSD, .PDF, and .TIF are acceptable if saved to final size and at a minimum of 300dpi (please no larger than 600dpi)

- Place halftone areas on separate layers. We will handle all halftone conversions and color separations on our end.

- Please provide a digital proof of your image upon request.

- Select a paper size that is slightly larger than the final print size. This allows us room for necessary registration methods and trimming.

- We use French Paper as our main paper supplier. Our most used weights are 80lb and 100lb. Different projects, however, require different weights. Don't be afraid to ask for our advice. 

- Here are French Paper's recommended screen printing products: - Feel free to give us a shout if you need help!

- We offer color matching for the Pantone Uncoated book. If you do not have PMS colors, we will select spot colors for you. Please note: screen monitors vary and colors may appear different when printed.


Posters/Flat Stock

As a small shop, we have the ability to work on multi-color runs as small as 5 pieces! Costs will vary depending on color and paper needs. Please reach out for a personalized quote!


We partner with elite apparel printers in Austin, Texas! Minimums will vary with color, but assume a minimum of 25 for designs up to 4 colors and 50 for 5 and up.  


With nearly a decade in production printing, we know how important proofing is.

We will create a digital proof for every order. Only when the proof has been approved will we begin printing.

Payment & Terms

Checks and credit cards are all good. Have another method? Reach out and we will try to help!

We will email you an invoice with your finalized quote prior to printing. Full-payment is required when you place your order.

Let's Work Together

All set? Head over to our Quote page and let's get started!